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iPhone 15 Ultra to Have Galaxy S23 Ultra-level Zoom Camera

In the fast-paced world of smartphones, where innovations are released at breakneck speed, Apple has always managed to stand out.

Every new iPhone release is eagerly anticipated, dissected, and scrutinized by tech enthusiasts worldwide. The iPhone 15 is no exception.

However, in the initial phases of its rumor cycle, it was believed that the highest-end model would be known as the iPhone 15 Ultra and not the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

While these rumors gradually lost steam, recent leaks suggest that we might indeed be calling it the Ultra. But what’s more intriguing is the revelation about its camera capabilities.

The iPhone 15 Ultra – A Name Worth Remembering

AppleInsider’s Andrew O’Hara, a reliable source for all things Apple, has reported that multiple sources have confirmed the top-tier model’s name as the iPhone 15 Ultra.

This name has been in circulation before, but recent speculations leaned towards the Pro Max moniker.

So, what’s in a name, you might ask? Well, in this case, it’s not just about the name; it’s about what this name signifies.

A Game-Changing Zoom Camera

One of the most significant revelations about the iPhone 15 Ultra is its camera. Earlier expectations were that this model would feature a telephoto periscope lens with 5x to 6x optical zoom.

However, O’Hara’s sources suggest something even more remarkable.

The iPhone 15 Ultra is rumored to boast a 10x zoom capability. This puts it directly in competition with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, a smartphone renowned for its exceptional zooming capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has set a gold standard when it comes to mobile photography, particularly in the realm of zooming.

If the iPhone 15 Ultra indeed offers a 10x zoom, it could potentially challenge the dominance of the Galaxy S23 Ultra in this department.

Zooming into the Details

While the revelation of a 10x zoom is exciting, the specifics of how Apple achieves this feat remain somewhat unclear.

There are two primary methods for achieving high optical zoom in a smartphone: dedicated zoom lenses or sensor cropping.

The former involves a dedicated telephoto lens, while the latter relies on cropping the image sensor to simulate optical zoom. Both methods have their advantages and limitations.

It’s possible that the iPhone 15 Ultra employs a dedicated 10x lens, which would be a significant leap for Apple from its previous 3x optical zoom capabilities.

However, it’s equally plausible that Apple might opt for sensor cropping to achieve the 10x zoom.

Additionally, there’s a faint possibility that Apple could introduce a variable zoom lens, offering two different zoom levels for greater versatility.

Beyond the Camera

While the camera capabilities are stealing the spotlight, it’s essential to note that the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra models share many similarities.

Both models are expected to feature a titanium frame, an Action Button replacing the mute switch, and the powerful 3nm A17 Bionic chip.

Slimmer bezels and new camera lenses are also on the horizon. Reports even suggest that the base storage could increase to 256GB, with higher-capacity models possibly boasting 8GB of RAM.

However, there’s a catch when it comes to pricing. Multiple reports have indicated that the iPhone 15 Pro’s price could increase by $100, making the top-tier model potentially $200 more expensive.

Such a price hike might deter some buyers, leading Apple to dial down production volume. A new name, like the iPhone 15 Ultra, could serve as a signal that this is a more premium offering than the Pro Max models of the past, justifying its new price tag.


The iPhone 15 Ultra, with its rumored 10x zoom camera, has the potential to be a game-changer in the world of mobile photography. Whether it achieves this through a dedicated lens or sensor cropping, it’s evident that Apple is determined to challenge the best in the business. As we eagerly await its official release, it’s clear that Apple’s commitment to innovation and excellence in smartphone technology remains unwavering. The battle for smartphone supremacy continues, and the iPhone 15 Ultra has made its formidable entrance.

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